Infinite Love Kimonos

Got some kimono from Infinite Love (Chinese) recently and had them on two of my doll for a long time. Finally sit down a snapped a few shots of them. These kimonos are actually pretty well made for their price, if you search on auctions outside of China, they are actually listing at very high prices (see Yahoo Japan Auction). For me I got it through a deputy from Infinite Love’s Taobao shop directly so the the two set of kimono with shipping and everything included only cost around $125 USD.

So here it is, Tohsaka Rin and Saber will show you what these kimono looks like.


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The Toys Story Collection – Part 2

Continues from The Toy Story Collection – Part 1, this is part 2 of my Toy Story Collection post. In Part 1 I covered my recent acquisition of Thinkway Toys’ Toy Story Collection’s Woody and Buzz Lightyear. These two are the characters from the first movie Toy Story. Now in Toy Story 2 two new characters are introduce as part of the “Woody’s Roundup” gang – Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl and Woody’s Horse Bullseye.

Let me start with Jessie. Just like Woody and Buzz, Jessie carries a price tag of $60 CAD at my local Toys R Us. I’d like to reiterate that the price tag is definitely more justifiable as a “collectable toy” than a simple child’s play thing. There are other Jessie dolls that does similar things that are priced at $30 CAD or below. The whole selling point of Toy Story Collection is that this is supposed to be a premium quality exact replica of the toys in the films.

Let’s hope that Jessie will bring me some joy where Woody and Buzz have failed…

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The Toy Story Collection – Part 1

In my previous post ‘Tribute To Steve Jobs‘, I’ve mentioned that I really love Pixar Studio’s animated movies. And I’s also posted that I think Toy Story (1995) and Toy Story 2 (1999) are two of the best animated films that Pixar has ever made. So one would expected me to own some Toy Story collectable toys. But, in reality, it is not the case. The main reason, as I look back, is because Disney kept on putting out toys that looks like they are some bootleg figures from hell. For example below to the left is an authentic Disney’s Talking Sheriff Woody doll. While to the right is a screen shot of what Woody looks like in Toy Story 2. Now as you can see the resemblance is remote at the best. Disney’s toys look like something coming out of a horrible Halloween costume party.

Well no wonder while I was a fan of Toy Story and Toy Story 2, I’ve never purchased any Toy Story merchandise. But all that was about to change…

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Diecast cars – Something old, something new, something terrible, something wonderful


I wasn’t really a diecast model car collector, but ever since I bought those Porsche Boxster models, I started to buy more 1:18 scale model cars. So here’s some of the new additions.

First let me start with something old. This is a 1936 Mercedes Benz 500K Roadster diecast replica made by Bburago. I like these old cars because I like the smooth curved designs these car has. These days most of the cars are very angular and very mechanical, while in the old days cards are much more organic with smooth curves.

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Tribute to Steve Jobs

This past Monday 2011/10/24, is the release date of the official Steve Jobs’s biography by Walter Isaacson. After receiving the book, I decided to put together a few bits and piece in memory of a great man.

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