The great predators roundup

This is the great 2001 predators roundup. Now this year the most exciting thing is obviously the birth of two Siberian Tiger cubs. However, these other predators deserves some air time as well.

These are Arctic Wolfs, distinguished from the Gray Wolf by their year round white coat and shorter snort and ears.

Arctic Wolf

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Siberian tiger cubs two months later

Two months ago I took photos of the Siberian Tiber cubs and post it in this post. Now two months later, I payed them some more visit. It’s amazing how much the little cubs have grown in two months. In October they looked like a big cat. They really look like tigers now (well still small in the Siberian scale).

Chewing on the bones.

Siberian Tiger Siberian Tiger

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Polar bear cubs at the Toronto Zoo

There are two new polar bear cubs at the Toronto Zoo. Their mother were killed by a hunter in Polar Bear Provincial Park and there were found wandering near the James Bay coast in norther Ontario. They were too young to survive n their own so they were sent to the Metro Toronto Zoo. They have been named Aurora and Nikita. I’ve taken these set of photos over a 7 month period from May 2001 to December 2001.

This is taken on May 2001. The polar bear cubs Aurora and Nikita are still quite young. Don’t they just look like two furry snow balls? They are fed at 12 o’clock every day.

Polar Bear

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CMYK at the zoo?

What? CMYK? As in the print world Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black? In the zoo? Well let’s see here.

This peacock has a lot of blue and a certainly a lot of hue of cyan in its feather. So this is our color cyan.


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Siberian Tiger cubs at the zoo

In the month of May, the Siberian tiger in the zoo gave birth to two male tiger cubs. So obviously I paid several visit to meet them. These photos were taken during the month of October 2001.

This is Tonghua the father, patrolling his usual route.

Siberian Tiger Siberian Tiger

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