Infinite Love Kimonos

Got some kimono from Infinite Love (Chinese) recently and had them on two of my doll for a long time. Finally sit down a snapped a few shots of them. These kimonos are actually pretty well made for their price, if you search on auctions outside of China, they are actually listing at very high prices (see Yahoo Japan Auction). For me I got it through a deputy from Infinite Love’s Taobao shop directly so the the two set of kimono with shipping and everything included only cost around $125 USD.

So here it is, Tohsaka Rin and Saber will show you what these kimono looks like.


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Two more Saber dollfies on the way…

With the addition of Saber Fate/Extra Version and Saber Alter 2nd Version banner on the side of the web site, you can probably guess that this is coming: Yes, I have ordered everything Volks has to offer from this TYPE-MOON x Dollfie Dream project.


Dollfie Dream Saber Fate/Extra Version, Dollfie Dream Saber Alter 2nd Version, Saber Alter’s Training Jacket Set, and Saber Alter’s Swimsuit Set, one of each will be coming to me from Volks USA by April of 2012. The total of the spending spree came out to be 1,569 USD + 91.75 USD for shipping to Canada. Expensive indeed, but consider that Dollfie Dream Saber Lily was 1,045 USD, the price for these two dolls are much reasonable. The pre-order closes on October 30, 2001, so there’s still just over a month to place your order.

About the pre-order for these two Saber dollfies…

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Volks Saber Alter 2nd Version Project Start…

As part of TYPE-MOON founding 10 years celebration, Volks is working on a new pre-order Dollfie Dream project. And surprise surprise, Saber Alter is getting a 2nd release together with Saber Nero.

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Itazura Bank

This is Itazura Bank (いたずらBANK) made by Shine. Itazura (いたずら or 悪戯 in Japanese) simply means mischief or prank, but I am going to call this Naughty Kitty Coin Bank in English. It’s been out for a while now, I think I first seen it just as the year 2010 arrives. Now as much as it looked interesting back then, I never got my hand on one. A few weeks ago Hobby Link Japan listed  for a price of 1,530 JPY, which I think is pretty cheap, so I bought it. There are four different models of Naughty Kitty Coin Bank and there are four models of Naughty Puppy Coin Bank. Each model has a different box print and a different cat/dog. The item is since sold out from Hobby Link Japan. However, another trusted shop J-List still has it in stock for a slightly higher price of $28 USD. J-List ships some item from USA while some from Japan so those of you in North America might pay slightly cheaper shipping than directly from Japan.

Well here we go. The coin bank came in a transparent box which allow you to see pretty much the entire coin bank clearly.

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The return of the king

The original Saber makes a return to show off her new weapon — “Ever-Distant Utopia” ~ Avalon and “The Promised Sword of Victory” ~ Excalibur. The sword/scabbard accessory set is also a Dolpa 24 limited item that I’ve obtained together with Dollfie Dream Saber Lily. However, it seems more fitting for the original dollfie dream Saber rather than Saber Lily to use it.

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