Diecast cars – Something old, something new, something terrible, something wonderful


I wasn’t really a diecast model car collector, but ever since I bought those Porsche Boxster models, I started to buy more 1:18 scale model cars. So here’s some of the new additions.

First let me start with something old. This is a 1936 Mercedes Benz 500K Roadster diecast replica made by Bburago. I like these old cars because I like the smooth curved designs these car has. These days most of the cars are very angular and very mechanical, while in the old days cards are much more organic with smooth curves.

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With that recent post of Porsche Boxster S Die-cast car, I just cant’ resist posting another somewhat Porsche related item that I’ve got in my possession. This time, it’s Porsche Chinese style! It all originated from the following picture that was taken by someone many years ago. This tricycle has the Chinese character 保洁 painted behind it and a number 10 in the middle. In Chinese 保洁 would literally translate into keep clean, or in this case it means sanitary because the tricycle is used by the sanitary department. The number 10 would just be the fleet number making this number ten in the fleet. However, if you put them together, 保10洁 or 保十洁 if we translate the number 10 into Chinese character, the phrase sounds exactly the same as Porsche (保时捷) in Chinese. So the photo above have been used all over the place for a long time as a fun poked as being the Chinese Porsche.

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Porsche Boxster

When I was a child, like many others, I had some small die-cast cars toys. While they are fun to throw around and play with, I never really paid too much attention to them. Back then it was just a yellow car, or a red truck that rolls around the floor. As I grew older, what these die-cast toys can be became more obvious: they can be a representation of a your dream car or rather dream cars. So everyone can have a tangible Ferrari or Lamborghini in their collection and everyone can have a dream garage filled with whatever their heart desires. For one reason or another, throughout all these years, I never bought my dream cars in their die-cast toy form. It seems that I actually prefer to have toys of the cars that I actually own no matter how lousy it is rather than a great fantasy garage. And so here’s my latest addition to my toy cars collection:

2008 Porsche Boxster S 1/18 scaled die-cast car by Welly. I searched for these (or any other Boxster die-cast toys) for a long time, it was hard to find these Boxster S (the 987 model) die-cast in red color. I was finally able to find some old stock at Kevin’s Hobbies. And best of all, I actually found two of them, one with the convertible top up, and another with the convertible top down. And here they are in their typical clear window box.

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