Tribute to Steve Jobs

This past Monday 2011/10/24, is the release date of the official Steve Jobs’s biography by Walter Isaacson. After receiving the book, I decided to put together a few bits and piece in memory of a great man.

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Portenzo iPad 2 Notebook Case

Finally, after more than one and a half months of wait, I received my Portenzo Notebook Case for iPad 2. I ordered black Morocco cover, red interior, with the back camera hole, both magnetic grip closure and the elastic strap, and custom embossing. That raises the price from the standard $60 to $85 and add another $13 shipping to Canada bring the total very close to $100. At the launch of iPad 2, Portenzo got such overwhelming amount of orders that they ran out of Morocco material and production was delay for a long time. So what typically takes 2-3 weeks ended up taking 6 weeks to receive.

Here’s what comes out of the package. The yellow “Hand Made In the USA” tag, which has the craftsman’s initial as well as check marks on the options purchased all hand written, provided a nice touch. The Morocco cover material feels pretty durable. Despite the Morocco name, these covers are not leather covers, not even bounded leather. But then neither is Moleskine notebook that it resembles so much of.


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