New Outfits For Marisa

Ever since I got my Dollfie Dream Sister Kirisame Marisa, she has always been in her default witch outfit. Part of the reason is unlike the typical Dollfie Dream which is 60cm, the Dollfie Dream Sister (DDS) is actually a 50cm doll. And I haven’t go any 50cm outfits. Now of course I can dress Marisa in 60cm outfits, but some of them don’t look that good. Now finally I got my hand out a few 50cm outfits from Azone.

The first outfit is the Azone’s 50cm Santa Set 2011 (Red). Yes, yes, I know Christmas is a long way in the past. I actually did get the outfit by Christmas, but I was dead sick during the holiday season that I didn’t take any photos at all. So I guess this is more of a late late make up photo session.


One thing I really like Dollfie Dream Sister is that their joint is very strong. So she’s actually very easy to stand up without the help of any doll stands. This certainly make taking full body shot nice and easy.

Now about Azone’s outfit. The material they use is really average. Feels a bit rough on the touch. But for 4,000 JPY you really can’t complain.

The fit is pretty good. Nothing seems to be too out of proportion, but for a dress like this, it really shouldn’t be too hard.


Now for something different. I’ve also got Azone’s 50cm Punk dress outfit. And what a good time to also try out Marisa’s short wig. And since I can’t find any good boots for Marisa, she’s wearing the boots that came with Kanu’s China dress outfit.

Even though DDS’s joints are strong, it is not possible for her to hold up that guitar without the use of a doll stand. That guitar is not made of plastic, it’s actually a die-cast guitar and it is quiet heavy. In this shot, Azone’s 50cm Nekomimi Cap (Black), 50cm Punk Belt T-shirt & Arm Warmer set (Black), 50cm Punk Pleats Skirt & Garter set (Red Checker).

Another shot with Marisa holding the guitar off the ground. I guess I could have removed the doll stand in this shot, but I just wanted to shoot quickly so I didn’t bother.

One last shot from the back. I like that short wig on her in this outfit.



2 comments to New Outfits For Marisa

  • Love that punk look outfit on Marisa! ^^

    Actually Volks upgraded the DDS body with some improvements in the current DDS releases (Millhe, Mariko,…). This DDS v2 has even better joints it seems, stronger, sturdier yet moving even better.

  • Did they? Too bad I won’t be getting another DDS any time soon. Somehow I found it really odd that Mariko sensei is a DDS heh. Will have to see the two Saber I ordered which are DD3 are any good. Still I have doubt that these dolls can hold up that guitar by themselves. That guitar is REALLY heavy.