Doll’s fashion swimsuit edition – Tohsaka Rin

Continue on the doll’s fashion swimsuit edition. This time is Tohsaka Rin in her red bikini. Rin’s swimsuit set (凛の水着セット) is release together with Saber’s swimsuit set by Volks. It was on sale during the Home Town Dolpa Osaka 6 held during the weekend of August 21, 2010. I tried my luck on Volks USA’s lottery for Home Town Dolpa Osaka 6 but I only got Saber’s swimsuit set. Failing to secure my Rin’s swimsuit through Volks USA, I had to use Yahoo Japan Auction to get Rin’s swimsuit directly from Japan. It turns out that after all the deputy fees and shipping, buying directly from Japan through auction is actually cheaper than buying from Volks USA. Come on Volks, this is such a simple clothing set, plenty available in Japan. I can’t believe that I enter the lottery for two and can only get one of them. Not to mention, now with only one small item, the shipping charge is nearly the same amount as the item itself. Had I known that, I would have just bought both from Japan directly. Much cheaper and faster that way. Well rants aside, here’s Rin in her sexy red two piece.

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Doll’s fashion swimsuit edition – Saber

So let’s kick off doll’s fashion swimsuit edition with Saber. Saber is wearing her signature white bikini with blue ribbons. This is one of the recently released official clothes set for Dollfie Dream Saber – Saber’s swimsuit set (セイバーの水着セット) by Volks. It was on sale during the Home Town Dolpa Osaka 6 held during the weekend of August 21, 2010. I got this through Volks USA’s lottery for Home Town Dolpa Osaka 6 but it was only received recently.

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!

Jack-o’-lanterns and pumpkins are always the main theme elements for Halloweens everywhere. And there’s no exception for this household. Hmmm… somehow the jack-o’-lanterns thinks there’s an spy amount them. Now which one is it. 👿

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Figure/doll photography 121 – How to produce white background

This is another one of my figure/doll photography 121 post. A few months ago, I’ve posted an article on how to produce a true black background without the use of any black background material and/or image editing software. I wrote about the black background because I find most people does not know how light works its magic in a photography sense. The people I talk to tends to instinctively come to the conclusion that if a photo’s background is black, then there must be something black behind it. If you have read my article, then you would see that a true black background actually resulted from a lack of light coming towards to your camera. Today I want to look at the opposite side of the gray scale — how to produce a white background?

Well again a lot of people instinctively think that a white background is the result of placing some kind of white material behind the subject. Below is a photo that I took in front of a white fabric backdrop. However, when compared to the white frame that borders the picture, you can clearly see that the actual background is not 100% white. In fact if you load it into an image editing software, you will see that the background is somewhere between 96% – 92% on the gray scale. On the gray scale there’s only one white point which is at the very end of the gray scale. Anything that’s not 100% on the gray scale, or 255, 255, 255 in RGB value is not pure white. And 255, 255, 255 RGB value is what the background must be if we were to call it a true white background. Anything less is just a different shades of gray.

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New cameras

I’ve just received something interesting. Two mysterious black boxes. Both black cube as a flip top opening with Canon EOS marking on it. Just what is inside those boxes? What is this something that seemingly has to do with Canon EOS, something photography related, here doing in the toys and dollfie category. And just where do Kanu Unchou fit here? Well you will just have to read on to find out.

As the myth behind these black boxes are revealed…

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