Doll’s fashion swimsuit edition – Tohsaka Rin

Continue on the doll’s fashion swimsuit edition. This time is Tohsaka Rin in her red bikini. Rin’s swimsuit set (凛の水着セット) is release together with Saber’s swimsuit set by Volks. It was on sale during the Home Town Dolpa Osaka 6 held during the weekend of August 21, 2010. I tried my luck on Volks USA’s lottery for Home Town Dolpa Osaka 6 but I only got Saber’s swimsuit set. Failing to secure my Rin’s swimsuit through Volks USA, I had to use Yahoo Japan Auction to get Rin’s swimsuit directly from Japan. It turns out that after all the deputy fees and shipping, buying directly from Japan through auction is actually cheaper than buying from Volks USA. Come on Volks, this is such a simple clothing set, plenty available in Japan. I can’t believe that I enter the lottery for two and can only get one of them. Not to mention, now with only one small item, the shipping charge is nearly the same amount as the item itself. Had I known that, I would have just bought both from Japan directly. Much cheaper and faster that way. Well rants aside, here’s Rin in her sexy red two piece.

There’s two hooks for Rin’s top. One behind he neck that forms the ribbon, and another hook in the front that secures it around the chest.

Red is definitely my favorite colour. But for those who owns this dress set, be careful! The red color of the clothing stains VERY VERY easily. I ruined my bust in few hours during the photo shoot with heavy red stains. There are also stains on the torso around the joints and on the back from the bikini bottom. It is a nightmare now trying to remove all these stains. And since this is a bikini set, there’s no way you can protect your doll’s body using body stocking or other protective clothes. This dress set is going into the storage for sure.

Rin’s showing off a bit of her back.

Unlike in the TV series Fate/stay night, Rin is actually the main character in the recently released moiew Fast/stay night – Unlimited Blade Works. So of course Rin demands more camera time.

Rin shows off more of her sexiness. It’s too bad that these dolls has as have these visible joints, makes it a bit harder for them to wear revealing clothes.

And here it is, Rin and Saber together, saying goodbye to warm summer days.

Here’s a 2D illustration of Tohsaka Rin and Saber in their swimsuits.

And for those Doll who noticed that Rin and Saber’s chest seems to be a bit different. Well they are. For this swimsuit series, I put up Rajikaru’s silicon bust for Dollfie Dream. Rajikaru (ラジカル) is pretty famous in the DD circle for their Peach Pai silicon bust for DD. Now personally I’m not fan of such large busts, but I do notice that the arm movement of the Dollfie Dream dolls are much limited by their chest. So knowing that a silicon bust is soft, I wanted to try it out to see if it improves doll’s posing capabilities.

So here it is a comparison. Tohsaka Rin on the left is using the Rajikaru’s Silicon Bust M Size (M胸まいなす), while Saber on the right is using the standard Volks M bust. I have posed both forcing their arm straight and put them towards each other as much as possible. As you can see form this photo, Rin can move her arm much closer than Saber.

The problem with the silicon bust is that it’s soft like real tissue. So if you put a tight swimsuit on, it will push the bust to be much flatter. Saber’s bust is hard, so with the swimsuit on, it doesn’t change size or shape in any way. However look at Rin below on the back, the chest is much flatter. This is much more realistic and natural behaviour, so yes it is flatter but I do like it better.

Another added benefit is that since silicon bust is soft, it also allow better neck movements. For example, looking at the shot below. I’ve tried to get both to raise up the head and look upward. However, only Rin on the left with the silicon bust is really looking upwards. Saber on the other hand can only raise he head by a little bit. The neck joint itself does allow Saber to raise her head by quiet a bit, but the chest part that includes the neck is what’s restring her to looking pretty much only forward.So for those looking for more movement potential for the head, silicon bust is a nice addition as well.

2 comments to Doll’s fashion swimsuit edition – Tohsaka Rin

  • Nice, will keep those Rajikaru busts in mind, they seem pretty nice.
    Their original Peach Pai seems a bit on the large side indeed.

    • Too bad Rajikaru doesn’t make a proper L bust I guess. The M size silicon bust is pretty good on normal clothes but a bit flat on tight clothes like the swimsuit set. Peach Pai is a tad too big for me. Would be nice to have something right in the middle of Peach Pai and M size bust.