Dollfie Dream Wigs From Miruya

One of the problem I found with Volks is that their Wigs doesn’t always have a lot of colours available. While Volks tends to have more wigs of natural hair colours, and natural hair styles, Dollfie Dream characters are mostly anime or anime styled characters. Therefore I always wanted to get some wigs that has more anime character feel to it. Here’s where Miruya comes in. Miruya makes an assortment of wigs for different dollfie sizes and has a wide range of colours and styles compared to typical Volks offerings. The wigs uses heat resistant fibers so that you should be able to style it with an iron (up to 180℃) without damaging it. And best of all their wigs are available in a wide range of colors for every single style. And since I was thinking about expanding my wigs collection, I figured that I’d give them a try.

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Doll’s fashion swimsuit edition – Kanu Unchou

The last one in the doll’s fashion swimsuit edition – Kanu Unchou. This is one of the old dress set – Feisty Girl’s Casual Bikini Set. A regular item from Home Town Dolpa Nagoya 4 held on August 23, 2009. I got it from Volks USA when they put Nagoya 4’s item on sale together with the Two-Seater Sofa. You have probably seen Kanu wearing this already in one of my Figure/doll photography 121 posts, but you might not recognize it. The dress comes with a two piece bikini, but also a crop top and a denim shorts. Kanu was wearing it with the crop top and denim shorts in all the previous photos. She’s revealing it all for this swimsuit special.

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!

Jack-o’-lanterns and pumpkins are always the main theme elements for Halloweens everywhere. And there’s no exception for this household. Hmmm… somehow the jack-o’-lanterns thinks there’s an spy amount them. Now which one is it. 👿

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New cameras

I’ve just received something interesting. Two mysterious black boxes. Both black cube as a flip top opening with Canon EOS marking on it. Just what is inside those boxes? What is this something that seemingly has to do with Canon EOS, something photography related, here doing in the toys and dollfie category. And just where do Kanu Unchou fit here? Well you will just have to read on to find out.

As the myth behind these black boxes are revealed…

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Figure/doll photography 121 – Blurry photos – How to tame the focus

This is another figure/doll photography 121 post. I’ve heard from many people as well as seen from many forum posters that they can’t seem to get sharp images for their figure/doll. Some of these people simply didn’t know to use the macro focus mode on their point and shoot camera. However, a lot of them are new users of D-SLRs or have switched from point and shoot digital camera to D-SLRs. In this post, I’d like to explore some of the difference between a point and shoot digital camera and a D-SLR that may cause new and unfamiliar user to get blurry photos. I will also explore a few things on the D-SLR and are specific to D-SLR that may cause blurry photos. I will be using nendoroid, standard PVC figure, as well as doll as my subject. As usual all photos in the post have higher resolution images linked so click on the thumbnail to see better details.

Be aware, this post is image heavy and may take a bit longer to load.

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