Volks Dollfie Dream Sister Kirisame Marisa

Volks’ new Dollfie Dream body is named Dollfie Dream Sister (DDS) and it’s 50cm in height compared to Dollfie Dream Base Body II’s height of 60cm. The first two dolls release in this body is Touhou Project’s (東方Project) Hakurei Reimu (博麗霊夢) and Kirisame Marisa (霧雨魔理沙). I’ve been sportting Marisa’s DDS banner on my blog for some time now and of course I had Marisa ordered last year. The order for the Touhou DDs started on September 19, 2010 all the way to October 24, 2010. The doll is only being produced based on the orders placed. The price for the doll is ¥58,800. There’s also a short wig for Marisa at ¥5,040 and a Touhou Accessories Set at ¥4,725 available to be ordered during the ordering period. The Touhou dolls started shipping on February 25, 2011 and mine is among the first batches being shipped out. And after a week worth of waiting for the package to be delivered in Japan and then forwarded from Japan to North America, I finally got my first Dollfie Dream Sister doll.

So here it is, my quick unboxing of Touhou Project Dollfie Dream Sister Kirisame Marisa. Here’s what the box look like. Apparently the pair of ribbons that secures the doll to the cardboard carrier are both broken presumably during transport. But the doll is pretty tough. I don’t see any significant damage, so all is well.

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The return of the king

The original Saber makes a return to show off her new weapon — “Ever-Distant Utopia” ~ Avalon and “The Promised Sword of Victory” ~ Excalibur. The sword/scabbard accessory set is also a Dolpa 24 limited item that I’ve obtained together with Dollfie Dream Saber Lily. However, it seems more fitting for the original dollfie dream Saber rather than Saber Lily to use it.

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The two Sabers

It’s more than 2.5 years ago in April of 2008, when Volks released the original Fate/hollow ataraxia Dollfie Dream Saber. The a few months later in December of 2008, Volks released Saber Alter. Saber Alter is actually identical to Saber in terms of head sculpture. The wig is also nearly identical with a different coloured hair, a different coloured ribbon at the back and sans ahoge on top. So the only difference is Saber Alter is in white colour and has a different/much simpler outfit than Saber. Surprisingly thought, due to the popularity of Saber Alter, at times it actually fetches higher prices in auctions than original Saber. It really gave a new meaning to “less is more”. Now 2 years after Saber Alter’s release, in 2010, Volks released Fate/unlimited codes Dollfie Dream Saber Lily with a brand new yet even more complex outfit/armor set than the original Saber. It also sports a new head sculpture and a new new wig. Since I own both the original dollfie dream Saber and the new dollfie dream Saber Lily, I decide to do a side by side comparison so that the difference between the two can be examined in detail.

Let’s start by comparing the head and the wigs. Despite the obvious difference in wigs, one thing to note is that the ahoge on Saber and Saber Lily points at different directions.

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The sexy side of Saber Lily

So in the softer side of Saber Lily post, Saber traded her armor for a nice dress. But this time around, Saber takes off even more. Saber Lily has such impressive set of outfit that even the underwear under the dress is impressive. It came with garter styled socks, a corset, and even the underwear is impressive with laces and matching ribbons.

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The softer side of Saber Lily

In the last Saber Lily unboxing post, Saber Lily was shown in full armor, fully combat ready. This time around, the armor is off and let’s show you the softer side of Saber Lily. Yes indeed, under that shinny knight’s armor, Saber Lily is wearing a beautiful white dress. Like any lady, the “white” Saber even have a set of white gloves. These gloves are not actual gloves that goes on the outside of the doll’s hand. Instead, they are hand part that looks like hand in white gloves that goes onto the arm just like all the other hand parts. Volks includes just two white glove hands for Saber Lily so it is not possible to pose her with any other hand gestures.

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