The softer side of Saber Lily

In the last Saber Lily unboxing post, Saber Lily was shown in full armor, fully combat ready. This time around, the armor is off and let’s show you the softer side of Saber Lily. Yes indeed, under that shinny knight’s armor, Saber Lily is wearing a beautiful white dress. Like any lady, the “white” Saber even have a set of white gloves. These gloves are not actual gloves that goes on the outside of the doll’s hand. Instead, they are hand part that looks like hand in white gloves that goes onto the arm just like all the other hand parts. Volks includes just two white glove hands for Saber Lily so it is not possible to pose her with any other hand gestures.

Now that the armor is off, Saber is wearing a set of nice heels. In fact Volks has to include two set of lace socks for her. One that stopped at the ankle and does not include the foot part for use with the armored legs and feet. Another one that’s normal length for use with regular feet and shoes.

She looks so elegant in her white dress.

Armor is off, but she can still hold a sword.

After a hard day at work, finally Saber Lily gets some time to rest.

Hmmm… those sexy leggings. :devil:

Still not done with Saber Lily yet. She’s got more to show off. So here is a photo showing off a bit of her sexy side while I go back and work on more Saber Lily photo shoots.


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