Itazura Bank

This is Itazura Bank (いたずらBANK) made by Shine. Itazura (いたずら or 悪戯 in Japanese) simply means mischief or prank, but I am going to call this Naughty Kitty Coin Bank in English. It’s been out for a while now, I think I first seen it just as the year 2010 arrives. Now as much as it looked interesting back then, I never got my hand on one. A few weeks ago Hobby Link Japan listed  for a price of 1,530 JPY, which I think is pretty cheap, so I bought it. There are four different models of Naughty Kitty Coin Bank and there are four models of Naughty Puppy Coin Bank. Each model has a different box print and a different cat/dog. The item is since sold out from Hobby Link Japan. However, another trusted shop J-List still has it in stock for a slightly higher price of $28 USD. J-List ships some item from USA while some from Japan so those of you in North America might pay slightly cheaper shipping than directly from Japan.

Well here we go. The coin bank came in a transparent box which allow you to see pretty much the entire coin bank clearly.

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Feral kitten

Feral cats around my house gave birth to a few kittens and this little guy and another black one is temporary living under our porch for a while this summer. When the mother is out and looking for food, the little one is playing around. Took a few photo of this little fellow. Couldn’t get any on the other black one. They all just disappeared one day, not sure if any of them ever made it through.

Feral kitten Feral kitten

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