Spencer Gorge Conservation Area landscape photography

Took a hike around Spencer Gorge Conservation Area. There are a number of waterfalls all located in a small area. The big Websters Falls and Tews Falls are just minutes of walk from each other. And the smaller Baby Websters Falls and Lower Tews Falls are all located in the close by vicinity. We visited Tews Falls first from the top. Then the plan was to go to Websters Falls and Baby Websters Falls which are located very close to each other. Then hike alone Spencer creek and then up Logie’s creek to reach lower Tews Falls and finally to the base of Tews falls. I did also bring my Sigma 100-300 on the hiking trip in case there’s some chance of wildlife photography on the way.

This is Websters falls, a main local attraction to the Spencer Gorge Conservation Area. It’s located in the park area and has a very easy stair case access to it. A lot of people visits this fall and have a fun picnic in the park area above.

Websters Falls

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Rouge Beach Park landscape

Took a stroll in the Rouge Beach park and shot these photos.

A shot of Rouge marsh. The sky is a nice blue with a lot of clouds.

Rouge marsh

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Magic of parenting at the zoo

As I was walking through an area in the Toronto Zoo that I normally don’t go to, I spotted an African Barbary Sheep (Ammotragus lervia) apparently just gave birth in the past little while. Judging from the fluids on the ground and the fact that the infant is still totally wet, I think the birth actually took place probably half to an hour ago. First thing came to my mind was: Only if I could been there just a little earlier.

African Barbary Sheep

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Big and not so big cats

Actually it’s two different kind of big cats. Sumatran Tiger and Siberian Tiger.

Now first is the smaller of the two, Sumatran Tigers. This male Sumatran tiger named Rengat is the mate of the female tiger called Brytne. He enjoy staying in the warmth of their den and just simply being camera shy. The Toronto Zoo is hoping for some tiger cubs between these two lovely pair soon.

Sumatran tiger Sumatran tiger

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Scarborough Bluffs winter shoot out

One not too cold winter evening, I decided to go down to the Scarborough Bluffs to see how it was like down there in the winter. The harbour is all iced up and the ducks that are flying in had to land on the ice.

An American Black Duck flying in for an icy landing.

Mallard landing

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