Birds in the zoo

Here’s a bunch of birds that I photographed at the zoo. Some are common wild birds while some are zoo birds.

To the left is a Canada Goose taking care of her eggs. This goose is nesting in the middle of a pond in the zoo. To the right, a Canada Goose swimming on a creek.

Canada Goose Canada Goose

Some more common wild birds. To the left European Starling and to the right Red-winged Blackbird. Both potographed on zoo ground.

European Starling Red-winged Blackbird

A few variety of sparrows are common here. This one is a Spanish House Sparrow.

Spanish House Sparrow

Another wild bird, this is a Great Blue Heron happen to be photoed near the zoo.

Great Blue Heron

Now for some zoo birds. Some Flamingos wading in the water on the left. And to the right two flamingos are fighting.

Flamingo Flamingo

Flamingo finding food using their special beak.


Peacocks runs wild in the zoo. Here’s a shot of a peacock showing off his stuff to a neighbouring female.


Long beautiful tail.


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