Giant panda at the zoo

Today the Metro Toronto Zoo opened their Giant Panda exhibit as an member’s only event. Tomorrow May 18th 2013, the exhibit will be officially opened to the public. Even though I have always been a zoo member for all these past years, I haven’t been at the zoo for a long time. However, this time for the pandas, I put my busy work schedule aside for a little bit and gave them a very quick visit.

Giant Panda

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“White” animal in the zoo – Polar Bear

Metro Toronto Zoo opened the 10 acre Tundra Trek show casing a lot of arctic animals. So what “white” arctic animals are there? Well, there’s Polar Bear, Arctic Wolf, Arctic Fox, Snow Goose, and Snowy Owl. However only three of them are on display when I visited.

So this first post of the series and the featured “white” animal is Polar Bear. Toronto Zoo now has three polar bear. All of them were little cub that spent some time in the Toronto Zoo before. I have photo of them when they are just few months old. There are two female Aurora and Nikita. This pair of twin sisters were just little cubs then they first came to Toronto Zoo in 2001. You can see my photos of them in this posted titled ‘Polar bear cubs at the Toronto Zoo’. There’s also a male named Inukshuk who also came to Toronto as an orphan bear in 2003. You can see my photo of Inukshuk when he is just a little cub in this post titled ‘New polar bear cub in the zoo‘.

Out of water, Refreshing…

Polar Bear

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New polar bear cub in the zoo

This is Inukshuk, a polar bear cub rescued from hunters by police after his mother was killed by hunter near Fort Severn. He now finds his temporary home in the Toronto Zoo. I first visited Inukshuk in May 2003 right after he is put on display.

Polar Bear

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Adult polar bears at the Toronto Zoo

Having written a post all about the two cute polar cubs at the zoo, adult polar bears felt left out. So here’s a post all about the adult polar bears at the Metro Toronto Zoo.

Here in the Metro Toronto Zoo, the adult polar bears has a single enclosure. There’s some rocky area and a pool where they can swim in. Since polar bears likes to swim a lot, the pool also has an underwater viewing area.

Polar Bear Polar Bear

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