Morning at Lake of Two Rivers in Algonquin Park

Had a short outing in the Muskoka region in the fall. Had some very brief time to photograph to a few fall landscape shots.

I was with another friend, we set out at around 4:30am and drive into Algonquin provincial park. We arrived at the Lake Of Two Rivers campground trying to shoot the run rise.

The color that day was wonderful. A thick fog developed on the lake and the rising sun produced a smooth gradient of warming color in the air. The subtle reflection of the island in the water, and a few shadow of the distant mountain, all made that morning very memorable. Here’s a shot to show you the color of the morning.

Morning At Lake Of Two Rivers

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Tsukuyomi -Moon Phase- Hazuki

These two Hazuki (葉月) figure from Tsukuyomi -Moon Phase- (月詠 -Moon Phase-) series was released during Wonder Festival 2005 Winter (ワンダーフェスティバル 2005冬) held on February 20, 2005. I got the pair from Yahoo Auction Japan after the event has concluded.

Chara-Ani 1/6 Hazuki (White) PVC (キャラアニ 1/6 葉月 ホワイトバージョン). Original sculptor 宮川武. MSRP ¥5,040.

Hazuki Hazuki

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Saikano Chise

This is Chise (ちせ) from the Saishuu Heiki Kanojo (最終兵器彼女) or in short Saikano series. This is one of my favorite anime. This figure was initially released as a cold cast from Kotobukiya in May 2001. I was not able to get it from Yahoo Auction Japan because the bidding price on it was always extremely high. So I was really happy when I saw the news that Kotobukiya will release Chise as a PVC figure.

Kotobukiya 1/8 Saikano Chise PVC (壽屋 1/8 最終兵器彼女 ちせ). Original sculptor 白髭 創. Released on August 2005 with a MSRP of ¥5,040.

Saikano Chise

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Niagara escarpment – waterfalls in Hamilton

Spent a day in Hamilton and visited a few small water falls. The plan is to visit a few smaller waterfalls first and then make an attempt to reach the base of Tews Falls which I did not get to in my last visit. The smaller waterfalls that I’ve picked is Tiffany Falls and Sherman Falls. They are relatively easy to get to. Which then gives me time to hike in the Spencer Gorge Conservation Area to get to the base of Tews Falls. Unfortunately the weather was dry for the past few weeks and there’s just simply not enough water for some good waterfall photos.

This is Tiffany Falls. Located off Wilson St E when you drive from Hamilton towards Ancaster.

Tiffany's Falls Tiffany's Falls

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Kiddy Grade Éclair

This is a 1/8 Kiddy Grade Éclair cold cast from FUNimation. It was a garage kit originally released in July 2003 in Japan with a MSRP of ¥9,800. This one was sold as a pre-painted cold cast by FUNimation USA.

1/8 Kiddy Grade Éclair (ガレージキット 1/8 エクレール). Original sculptor みすまる☆ましい.

Éclair Éclair

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