Recent anime related merchandise purchases

I’ve received some not so usual purchases recently and decided to take a few casual shot of these items and make a post about it. The first is the complete set of Kara no Kyoukai (空の境界) Limited Edition DVDs. I actually didn’t get a chance to watch Kara no Kyoukai until end of 2009. Watched it and really liked it. Now I was not really blown away by the animation nor was the story that drove me to really like the series, they are good but not the driving factors for me. The one that drove me to spend such a large amount of money to buy this entire DVD set from Japan was that, the concept and philosophy within this series (with many references to Buddhist teaching) are very much similar to what I have established myself. Typically a series that want to just through in a few ideas tends to have many holes even at a very high level. But this series, I found that I actually agrees with their reasoning process and view of the philosophy, and that intrigues me so much so that I ended up buying the entire series from half a globe away.

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Evangelion Ayanami Rei reading a book

This Ayanami Rei (綾波 麗) figure was first a garage kit from New Line released on October 1999. It was then made as a pre-painted cold cast by New Line in 2005.

New Line 1/6 Rei Reading A Book (ニューライン 1/6 読書するレイ+ペンペン). Original sculptor 歌麻呂. Released on December 2005 with a MSRP of ¥15,540.

Ayanami Rei

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Evangelion Ayanami Rei plug suit

Aizu 1/4 Ayanami Rei (Plug Suit Version) (Aizu 1/4 綾波レイ (プラグスーツVer)). Original sculptor ファクトリーJ. Released on March 2000 with a MSRP of ¥20,790.


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Evangelion Ayanami Rei & Souryuu Asuka Langley summer beach

Sega Evangelion Extra Summer Beach Figure Ayanami Rei (新世紀エヴァンゲリオン EXサマービーチフィギュア 綾波レイ). Original sculptor 桜坂 美紀. Released on June 2004 with a MSRP of ¥1,365.

Ayanami Rei Ayanami Rei

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