We made oden today and invited Rin and Kanu over for a photo shoot. Rin and Kanu both had their miko dress on, perfect for the occasion.

Rin’s modeling in her mini miko dress:

Rin with fox mask Rin with fox mask to the side

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Tohsaka Rin in miko dress

Kanu had her fun with the long miko dress before. This time Rin’s got her hand on the mini miko dress.

The mini miko dress is made by AZone International. The fox mask and shinai is from Little Wonder Wardrobe.

Who's behind that maks? It's Tohsaka Rin

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Kanu Unchou in miko dress

I’ve got a set of traditional japanese miko dress from AZone International for my dollfie. Who’s better to model in it than Kanu?

Somehow when I thought of mikos I have blonde hair in my mind.

Kanu in miko dress Kanu in miko dress 2

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