Dollfie dream Kanu Unchou

Introducing my 2nd doll: Ikkitousen Great Guardians dollfie dream dynamite Kanu Unchou (関羽雲長). Kanu is released at Dolpa 20 which was held on January 10, 2009 with an MSRP of ¥58,000. I actually never watched any of the Ikkitousen anime, but when I first saw photos of dollfie dream Kanu, I was captivated by her face and decided to get her if possible. I actually found her with a very small mark up on Yahoo Japan Auction, so I place the bid without much thought. Kanu comes with metalic 20mm animetic eyes, original head and original wig. She has a dollfie dream dynamite body with dark skin color and a large bust. This makes her very distinct among all the other dollfie dreams released to date. But it also makes her a bit difficult to pose and care for as there are no hands available that matches her color and can’t get any other optional or spare parts for her because they are either not available for the dollfie dream dynamite body or the skin color doesn’t match. So I will have to get by with the two set of hand that came with her and be extra careful with her. There’s more information on her at Volks’ official web page (in Japanese). She arrived together with my 3rd doll Tohsaka Rin, which I will introduce later. 😉

Kanu in her box.


Took her out of the box.

CRW_4272 CRW_4273

Dressed up with the default clothing set. Her hair is just so beautifully long.

CRW_4359 CRW_4362

A close up. Love the shape of her eyes and her facial expression.


CRW_4388 CRW_4287

Another close up.


CRW_4355 CRW_4353


CRW_4302 CRW_4382


After playing with that huge blade for so long, finally a little relaxing time to enjoy herself.


And here’s what Kanu Unchou looks like in 2D from an Ikkitousen art book.

Kanu illustration


7 comments to Dollfie dream Kanu Unchou

  • monzzi3

    if i could have a dollfie, i’d no doubt choose kanu. do you know if she’s on sale somewhere? i’m pretty sure she’ll fetch a good sum of money by now.

    • These days, Kanu is pretty hard to find. But from time to time there’s a Kanu dollfie poping up on Yahoo Japan Auction. If you know how to use a deputy service to get item off Yahoo Japan Auction, then you can always just go that route. Here’s a search URL for Kanu on YJA. But of course this is assuming you know how to navigate through the Japanese auction site. No dollfie on it when I searched for it today, but like I said keep an eye on it and sometime there will be one going by.

  • carlos


    • Kanu is very hard to find in today’s market, so really it’s hard to give a market value for it. But I would say it probably worth more than $1500 in today’s market.

  • ok thanks i livin in costa rica

    • I actually did a eBay search, and it in fact listed one Kanu from Hong Kong for $6000. Now I do believe that price is overly inflated. But still the price just shows how rare Kanu today and how hard to get it now.