Zoo animal photo clean up

Just a clean up of a bunch of animals that I have taken at the zoo for the past 6 months or so but never got posted.

This was taken on March 2003. The snow is still covering the ground. Chipmunks are search for food. I guess I startled him a bit as he soon runs away after I got the shot on the right.

Chipmunk Chipmunk

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Big and not so big cats

Actually it’s two different kind of big cats. Sumatran Tiger and Siberian Tiger.

Now first is the smaller of the two, Sumatran Tigers. This male Sumatran tiger named Rengat is the mate of the female tiger called Brytne. He enjoy staying in the warmth of their den and just simply being camera shy. The Toronto Zoo is hoping for some tiger cubs between these two lovely pair soon.

Sumatran tiger Sumatran tiger

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Collection of big cats

Here’s a collection of unposted photo of various of big cats that I took at the Metro Toronto Zoo during the year 2002.

Cloud Leopard.

Cloud Leopard

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Winter in the zoo

Here’s a few photo that I took over the winter time in the Metro Toronto Zoo.

It is early in the morning. Most of the snow from yesterday’s storm has melted under the warmth of the rising sun. Golden light is cast over the tiger den. I snapped this picture while the tiger is checking out its territory atop a tree stump.

Sumatran Tiger

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The great predators roundup

This is the great 2001 predators roundup. Now this year the most exciting thing is obviously the birth of two Siberian Tiger cubs. However, these other predators deserves some air time as well.

These are Arctic Wolfs, distinguished from the Gray Wolf by their year round white coat and shorter snort and ears.

Arctic Wolf

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