“White” animal in the zoo – Arctic Wolf

Metro Toronto Zoo opened the 10 acre Tundra Trek show casing a lot of arctic animals. So what “white” arctic animals are there? Well, there’s Polar Bear, Arctic Wolf, Arctic Fox, Snow Goose, and Snowy Owl. However only three of them are on display when I visited.

This is the third and last post in the “white” animal series. And the star of this post is the Arctic Wolf. I’ve had posted my photos of the Arctic Wolfs at the Toronto Zoo before in this post. But the new exhibit is much bigger and the wolfs looked much happier in there.

Looks like a big white dog, but this is actually the Arctic Wolf.

Arctic Wolf

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The great predators roundup

This is the great 2001 predators roundup. Now this year the most exciting thing is obviously the birth of two Siberian Tiger cubs. However, these other predators deserves some air time as well.

These are Arctic Wolfs, distinguished from the Gray Wolf by their year round white coat and shorter snort and ears.

Arctic Wolf

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