Kanu Unchou in miko dress

I’ve got a set of traditional japanese miko dress from AZone International for my dollfie. Who’s better to model in it than Kanu?

Somehow when I thought of mikos I have blonde hair in my mind.

Kanu in miko dress Kanu in miko dress 2

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Dollfie dream Kanu Unchou

Introducing my 2nd doll: Ikkitousen Great Guardians dollfie dream dynamite Kanu Unchou (関羽雲長). Kanu is released at Dolpa 20 which was held on January 10, 2009 with an MSRP of ¥58,000. I actually never watched any of the Ikkitousen anime, but when I first saw photos of dollfie dream Kanu, I was captivated by her face and decided to get her if possible. I actually found her with a very small mark up on Yahoo Japan Auction, so I place the bid without much thought. Kanu comes with metalic 20mm animetic eyes, original head and original wig. She has a dollfie dream dynamite body with dark skin color and a large bust. This makes her very distinct among all the other dollfie dreams released to date. But it also makes her a bit difficult to pose and care for as there are no hands available that matches her color and can’t get any other optional or spare parts for her because they are either not available for the dollfie dream dynamite body or the skin color doesn’t match. So I will have to get by with the two set of hand that came with her and be extra careful with her. There’s more information on her at Volks’ official web page (in Japanese). She arrived together with my 3rd doll Tohsaka Rin, which I will introduce later. 😉

Kanu in her box.


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