Downtown Toronto architecture

Took a stroll in downtown Toronto on Sunday in the business district. It’s a good time to do some architecture shots because it’s Sunday and the business district is finally empty of all the people. The two shots below are the fruit of the labour today.

This is Allen Lambert Galleria or “crystal cathedral of commerce”, which is located at the BCE Place. The roof structure is designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. The roof is 130 meters long and 27 meters high with only 9 arches going up to support the roof. As the arches goes up they split into two and the further up split into two again making that a 36 sections on the top. The top is then covered with glass to utilize the natural light. This must be one of the sexiest roof that I’ve ever seen.

BCE Place

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Sunrise at the Scarborough Bluffs

Well I’ve done sunset in the Scarborough Bluffs before. So this time it’s a sunrise. Drove down to the bluffs while it was still black, waited there for a long time on this chilly winter morning to capture the magic when the sun peaks over the rocks. It was wonderful, some Canada Geese flew by and created just the perfect shot. The shot below is a panoramic shot that was stitched together with 3 horizontal photos.

Runrise at the Scarborough Bluffs

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Orchid show in Edwards Garden

Went to a photographer only session of an orchid show today in Edwards Garden and took a few shots while I was there. There are a few interesting ones although not all the good looking ones produces a good photo because the way they are displayed sometimes making it hard for me to produce a good background especially when I want to make a pure black background with my flash.

These orchid flowers are actually quiet small, about 2 cm across, and not being paid much attention. I took a shot because I thought they looked like plum flowers. Howerver, after I got home, it seems the flower resembles somewhat a winged angel offering a gift.


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Sumatran Tiger cubs trio second wave

So 3 days later I was there visiting the Sumatran Tiger cubs again for the past two days. So here’s some more tiger cub goodness all provided by Chelsea, Skylar and Kougra as well as their mother Brytne.

Sumatran Tiger Cub Sumatran Tiger Cub

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Sumatran Tiger cubs trio

Big news! Three little Sumatran Tiger cub was born from mom Brytne and dad Rengat. They debuted to the public on October 16, 2003 and I was there 4 days later to take photos. These are the first Sumatran Tiger cubs born in Canada while in the wild there may be as few as 400 remaining.

Here’s a shot of all three tiger cubs – from the left Chelsea (female), Skylar (female) and Kougra (male).

Sumatran Tiger Cubs

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