Scarborough Bluffs winter shoot out

One not too cold winter evening, I decided to go down to the Scarborough Bluffs to see how it was like down there in the winter. The harbour is all iced up and the ducks that are flying in had to land on the ice.

An American Black Duck flying in for an icy landing.

Mallard landing

Caught this male mallard slipping on the ice when landing.

Mallard landing

A common ring-billed gull flying overhead.

Ring-billed gull

A few shot of gray spotted ring-billed gull gliding in the wind flow.

Ring-billed gull

Ring-billed gull

The lights are fading quickly making bird photography really hard. Didn’t want to push my 10D’s ISO to too high. So I decided that I will switch over to do some landscape shots. With all the ice in the harbour, I thought it would be nice to have a shot of lake and the ice in the winter. The sun is going down the horizon, the wind is howling strong, and this winter sun set photo was the result.



2 comments to Scarborough Bluffs winter shoot out

  • my salad

    The dark duck about to land in the ice-filled water is a Black Duck, not a Mallard.

    • You are right, the belly is all dark brown which makes it a male black duck. I’ve been seeing mallard all day that day so I thought it was just a female mallard. Thanks for point it out.