Saber maid

Speaking of clothing sets for Saber, maid dress is obviously on the top of the list. Volks released an official Saber maid dress for the dollfie Saber, and I got it through Yahoo Auction Japan. I can’t wait to put it on Saber when I finally got the Saber maid costume set (セイイバーのメイドコスセット). However, this dress set proven to be one of the most damaging dress set to put on Saber. Even after soaking the dress in vinegar, the dark dress still stained Saber’s soft vinyl body. Dollfie dreams are easily stained because the outer body is made of soft vinyl. Any dark clothing should not be put onto the doll directly. Soak in vinegar water mixture to get rid of some of the dyes first is my typical strategy. However, whenever possible, put the body stocking on to add a layer of protection. In my case, I though I couldn’t use the body stock because of the low cut of the maid dress on the back, I was wrong. I had to use some benzoyl peroxide based acne cream to gently bleach the stained area and get rid of most of the dark stains. A 10% benzoyl peroxide based acne cream would be the best choice, but if it’s not available 5% can work just fine by simply put a lot more on and repeat more times than the more potent version. Well put the stains aside, here’s Saber in her hot maid dress.

CRW_3972 CRW_3985

All that frills in front and at the back, looks wonderful.


CRW_3978 CRW_3984

Love how this shot from the side turned out.


Saber doing the caramelldansen. 😛

CRW_3979 CRW_3988


CRW_4000 CRW_3996

So here’s the 1/3 scaled dollfie with the 1/6 scaled PVC saber maid. Just can’t get enough of that Saber maid. 😈


Here’s a Saber maid 2D illustration. I definitely like my dollfie saber maid more.

Saber maid

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