Niagara escarpment – waterfalls in Hamilton

Spent a day in Hamilton and visited a few small water falls. The plan is to visit a few smaller waterfalls first and then make an attempt to reach the base of Tews Falls which I did not get to in my last visit. The smaller waterfalls that I’ve picked is Tiffany Falls and Sherman Falls. They are relatively easy to get to. Which then gives me time to hike in the Spencer Gorge Conservation Area to get to the base of Tews Falls. Unfortunately the weather was dry for the past few weeks and there’s just simply not enough water for some good waterfall photos.

This is Tiffany Falls. Located off Wilson St E when you drive from Hamilton towards Ancaster.

Tiffany's Falls Tiffany's Falls

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Downtown Toronto architecture

Took a stroll in downtown Toronto on Sunday in the business district. It’s a good time to do some architecture shots because it’s Sunday and the business district is finally empty of all the people. The two shots below are the fruit of the labour today.

This is Allen Lambert Galleria or “crystal cathedral of commerce”, which is located at the BCE Place. The roof structure is designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. The roof is 130 meters long and 27 meters high with only 9 arches going up to support the roof. As the arches goes up they split into two and the further up split into two again making that a 36 sections on the top. The top is then covered with glass to utilize the natural light. This must be one of the sexiest roof that I’ve ever seen.

BCE Place

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Sunrise at the Scarborough Bluffs

Well I’ve done sunset in the Scarborough Bluffs before. So this time it’s a sunrise. Drove down to the bluffs while it was still black, waited there for a long time on this chilly winter morning to capture the magic when the sun peaks over the rocks. It was wonderful, some Canada Geese flew by and created just the perfect shot. The shot below is a panoramic shot that was stitched together with 3 horizontal photos.

Runrise at the Scarborough Bluffs

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Algonquin park cottage trip

As we arrived at the park, we took a short hike in the Hemlock Bluff trail. Here’s a view of Jack Lake from above.

Hemlock bluff trail

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Spencer Gorge Conservation Area landscape photography

Took a hike around Spencer Gorge Conservation Area. There are a number of waterfalls all located in a small area. The big Websters Falls and Tews Falls are just minutes of walk from each other. And the smaller Baby Websters Falls and Lower Tews Falls are all located in the close by vicinity. We visited Tews Falls first from the top. Then the plan was to go to Websters Falls and Baby Websters Falls which are located very close to each other. Then hike alone Spencer creek and then up Logie’s creek to reach lower Tews Falls and finally to the base of Tews falls. I did also bring my Sigma 100-300 on the hiking trip in case there’s some chance of wildlife photography on the way.

This is Websters falls, a main local attraction to the Spencer Gorge Conservation Area. It’s located in the park area and has a very easy stair case access to it. A lot of people visits this fall and have a fun picnic in the park area above.

Websters Falls

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