Niagara escarpment – waterfalls in Hamilton

Spent a day in Hamilton and visited a few small water falls. The plan is to visit a few smaller waterfalls first and then make an attempt to reach the base of Tews Falls which I did not get to in my last visit. The smaller waterfalls that I’ve picked is Tiffany Falls and Sherman Falls. They are relatively easy to get to. Which then gives me time to hike in the Spencer Gorge Conservation Area to get to the base of Tews Falls. Unfortunately the weather was dry for the past few weeks and there’s just simply not enough water for some good waterfall photos.

This is Tiffany Falls. Located off Wilson St E when you drive from Hamilton towards Ancaster.

Tiffany's Falls Tiffany's Falls

Tiffany's Falls

Here’s where Tiffany Falls is located.

[google-maps type=”hybrid” zoom=”15″ marker1=”ll|43.238817,-79.958121|Tiffany Falls
Stream: Tiffany Creek
Height: 59’
Crest width: 23’
Elevation: 550’
Type: Ribbon”]

Sherman Falls is very easily reached. It’s located at the intersection of Lion Club Road and Old Dundas Road in Ancaster.

Sherman Falls Sherman Falls

Sherman Falls

Here’s where Sherman Falls is located.

[google-maps type=”hybrid” zoom=”15″ marker1=”ll|43.239107,-79.973170|Sherman Falls
Stream: Ancaster Creek
Height: 28’
Crest width: 18’
Elevation: 525’
Type: Ribbon”]

Tews Falls has a park built right around it. It has viewing platform and it’s just few minutes walk away from Webster’s Falls. However, the base of Tews Falls is very hard to get to. It takes a significant amount of off trail hiking to reach the base. Last time I visited, I only manage to reached the Lower Tews Falls when it was running late and I had to turn back. This time, after all that hiking in the mud and water, you know how disappointed I was when I finally got to the base of Tews fall only to find that there’s hardly any water coming from the waterfall for a photo of any kind.

Tew's Falls

Here’s where Tews Falls is located.
[google-maps type=”hybrid” zoom=”15″ marker1=”ll|43.280064,-79.976640|Tew’s Falls
Stream: Logie’s Creek
Height: 134’
Crest width: 32’
Elevation: 700’
Type: Ribbon”]

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