Christmas Present — Saber Lily

I have Volks’ Dollfie Dream Saber Lily banner on the side of my web site for some times now. Personally I like the original Dollfie Dream Saber’s head more, but none the less I still wanted to get Saber Lily because I really like the clothing and the accessories that comes with the doll. However, Saber Lily is a Dolpa 24 limited item, so I can’t just order it from Volks’ web site. I’ve looked at the Yahoo Japan Auction listing right after Dolpa 24, and the prices is around 200,000 JPY. With Saber Lily’s MSRP being 99,750 JPY, I wanted to see if I can obtain her without paying such a high premium. Today is my lucky day because Santa Clause has delivered to me one of the greatest Christmas present. I’ve won Saber Lily and the accessory Distant Avalon. Now begins the long wait until I can get her home. And of course once I do, there will be plenty of photos.

For now I’ll just have to look at these official photos from Volks.

1 comment to Christmas Present — Saber Lily

  • Congrats on winning Saber Lily! She does look fabulous and I love her head mold alongside the original Saber. ^^

    My primary attraction is her facial sculpt so won’t splurging such a large sum on a DD just for the head. Though am still tempted.