African Lions

A collection of African lion photos taken at the Metro Toronto Zoo in 2002. Photos are all taken during the month August.

Here’s the resident male of the pride.

Lion Lion

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African savanna

Here’s a few photo of herbivores on the African savanna.

Giraffe. This shot was used by the Toronto Zoo Foundation in the Save the Tigers campaign in 2003.


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Primates photo collection

A collection of primates photographed in 2002.


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Zoo birds

Here’s a collection of bird photos that I took in the Metro Toronto Zoo in the year 2002.

Demoiselle Crane which can be found in Australia.

Demoiselle Crane

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Collection of big cats

Here’s a collection of unposted photo of various of big cats that I took at the Metro Toronto Zoo during the year 2002.

Cloud Leopard.

Cloud Leopard

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