Niagara escarpment – waterfalls in Hamilton

Spent a day in Hamilton and visited a few small water falls. The plan is to visit a few smaller waterfalls first and then make an attempt to reach the base of Tews Falls which I did not get to in my last visit. The smaller waterfalls that I’ve picked is Tiffany Falls and Sherman Falls. They are relatively easy to get to. Which then gives me time to hike in the Spencer Gorge Conservation Area to get to the base of Tews Falls. Unfortunately the weather was dry for the past few weeks and there’s just simply not enough water for some good waterfall photos.

This is Tiffany Falls. Located off Wilson St E when you drive from Hamilton towards Ancaster.

Tiffany's Falls Tiffany's Falls

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Big cats at the zoo

Went to shoot the big cats at the zoo today. Got a few shot of the caracal, one nice photo of the lion and a lot of cheetah photos.

Caracals are said to be bird’s worst nightmare. They are so agile that their can take a dash, jump up in the air and grab the birds when they try to fly away. This is one of the pair living in the Toronto Zoo. It patrols its route meticulously. And at time stares down the noise Canada goose that’s making a lot of noise on the side. Lucky for the geese that the caracals can’t reach them.

Caracal Caracal

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Feral kitten

Feral cats around my house gave birth to a few kittens and this little guy and another black one is temporary living under our porch for a while this summer. When the mother is out and looking for food, the little one is playing around. Took a few photo of this little fellow. Couldn’t get any on the other black one. They all just disappeared one day, not sure if any of them ever made it through.

Feral kitten Feral kitten

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Sumatran tiger birthday celebration

July 10, 2004 is the 1 year birthday for the 3 Sumatran tigers (Kougra , Chelsea, and Skylar) at the Metro Toronto Zoo. I was there during the birthday celebration and here’s a few shot from the birthday party.

The keepers brings in the specially made birth day “cake” for the 3 birthday boy/girl. They set up these “cakes” for the cubs. The “cakes” are made of frozen blood, meat, and bones. Full of healthy ingredients for our growing little fellows.

Sumatran tigers birthday Sumatran tigers birthday

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Wildlife at Tommy Thompson Park

Tommy Thompson Park, also know as Leslie Street Split is located on a man-made peninsula that extends five kilometres into Lake Ontario at the end of the Leslie Street. The park hosts a abundance of wild life and is important nesting ground for Black-crowned Night Heron, Double-crested Cormorant, and Common Terns.

Saw this little wild hare as I started my little hiking.


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