Rin with Homurabara Academy uniform set

Homurabara Academy (穂群原学園) is the school that Tohsaka Rin attends. The Homurabara Academ uniform set is a dress set that was released together with dollfie dream Tohsaka Rin. Volks’ official web page (in Japanese) has more information on the dress set. After I got dollfie Rin from Yahoo Japan Auction, I won this uniform set on Volks USA web lottery.

The blouse only with the ribbon has a nice clean look for Rin.

Blouse Blouse close up

Put the vest on for a bit inside class room look.

Vest Vest close up 2

Put the coat on and Rin’s ready to go out.

Coat close up

Coat Coat 2

Volk’s dollfie clothing is very well made. Shirt and vest has all the buttons you’d expect. The black shirt has a white inside lining. And the coat has wires sewed inside so you can actually shape the clothing with a bit of dynamic touch.

Pose close up

Post 2

For those who don’t know Tohsaka Rin, here’s a screen shot of Rin in the fate/stay night anime.



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