With that recent post of Porsche Boxster S Die-cast car, I just cant’ resist posting another somewhat Porsche related item that I’ve got in my possession. This time, it’s Porsche Chinese style! It all originated from the following picture that was taken by someone many years ago. This tricycle has the Chinese character 保洁 painted behind it and a number 10 in the middle. In Chinese 保洁 would literally translate into keep clean, or in this case it means sanitary because the tricycle is used by the sanitary department. The number 10 would just be the fleet number making this number ten in the fleet. However, if you put them together, 保10洁 or 保十洁 if we translate the number 10 into Chinese character, the phrase sounds exactly the same as Porsche (保时捷) in Chinese. So the photo above have been used all over the place for a long time as a fun poked as being the Chinese Porsche.

When I saw an item that’s just like this on a Chinese auction site, I just have to grab it as part of my “Porsche” collection. The item’s description says 兵蛋蛋 – 保10洁烟缸 or translate to English — Soldier OO – “Porsche” Ashtray. And here’s what it looks like.

On the back of the “signature”  blue tricycle is the “famous” mark of “Porsche” or 保10洁.  It even has that bloom on the back of the tricycle just like the original photo. So here we are, not only did I get die-cast car models, I even got a Chinese memento in welcoming my new Porsche.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any chance to take photos of this “Porsche” with my real Porsche. I’m not even sure if I can get some good looking photos with these two together due to the large discrepancy in sized. But I do have my die-cast Porsche Boxster lying around, so here’s some picture of them together.

Soldier OO looks pretty good eh? 👿

And here’s the “trademark” logo. Yes the Soldier OO’s 保10洁 logo is much bigger than the Porsche’s.

For those who can read Chinese. There following was actually on the box of the ashtray. Apparently they made a little story for this.

兵丫丫老是和兵蛋蛋炫耀她邻居家姐姐的男朋友买了一辆保时捷,倍拉风,酷毙了! 蛋蛋对此一直耿耿于怀,但是始终也不好意思问什么是保时捷!这天蛋蛋看见楼下的清洁工叔叔蹬的一辆清洁车,后面写着“保 10 洁”,叔叔蹬着它跑得飞快,垃圾,扫帚叮当响,也倍拉风!蛋蛋终于恍然大悟,趁着叔叔去扫垃圾,他赶快偷偷蹬着去找丫丫,变蹬车边喊:“丫丫,我也有保时捷了!”

And my rough English translation for it goes like the following:

Soldier YY kept on bragging to Soldier OO about how her neighbour girl friend’s boyfriend bought a Porsche (保时捷), how it’s really showy and cool to take it out for a ride. Soldier OO always kept a grudge in his heart about this, but was never brave enough to ask what a “Porsche” (保时捷) really is. One day soldier OO saw the sanitary worker down stairs riding a tricycle, it had “Keep 10 Clean” (保 10 洁) written behind it. The sanitary worker was peddling it really fast, garbage and broom were knocking against each other, looked really showy too. Soldier OO thought he figured it all out. While the sanitary worker is sweeping the street, he took the tricycle to find soldier YY, peddling and shouting, “YY, I have a “Porsche” (保时捷) too now!”

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