“White” animal in the zoo – Snowy Owl

Metro Toronto Zoo opened the 10 acre Tundra Trek show casing a lot of arctic animals. So what “white” arctic animals are there? Well, there’s Polar Bear, Arctic Wolf, Arctic Fox, Snow Goose, and Snowy Owl. However only three of them are on display when I visited.

This is the second post in the “white” animal series. And in this post, Snowy Own is the featured animal.

Here’s a shot of the pair of Snowy Owls on display.
Snowy Owl

This slightly smaller but mostly white owl is the male snowy owl.

Snowy Owl

This larger one is the female Snowy Owl. Female Snowy Owl is about 1/5 larger than the male and has more black markings.

Snowy Owl

The owls makes a funny face when the keeper goes in to feed them. 🙂 Orly?

Snowy Owl

The follow set of shots are not for the faint of heart type. I was there when the keeper were feeding the owls. They were fed a bunch of dead rodents and I did take photo of the feeding process. But due to the graphical nature, I have put the photos in a hidden tag. So click on the tag below to see the photos if you want.

The male ate first.

Snowy Owl Snowy Owl

The female went up the stone where the rodents are after the male ate.

Snowy Owl

The female ended up ate more rodents than the male. Although I had to leave early because the Zoo is closing.

Snowy Owl Snowy Owl[/spoiler]

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