Curry Potato

Wanted to test out the new curry powder I bought recently and  after looking around the kitchen, found some long-neglected mini potatoes lying around… curry potato it is then… Typically curry potatoes are made as a stew but I happened to be baking a quiche today so I thought why not maximize the oven use and roast the potatoes as well? And if I may say so myself, the finished product is not bad at all… XD

Curry potato 1

Curry potato 4

Curry potato 2

And in keeping with this house’s tradition of serving food along with some “lovely item“, invited to pose this time is Optimus Prime-oniichan who just happened to have arrived from Japan today… Those little “kitten paws” are actually quite becoming, don’t you think? Who’d have thought Optimus-oniichan had such a lovely and moe side to him as well, eh?

Curry potato 3

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