Aria Athena Glory

Athena Glory (アテナ・グローリィ) from ARIA The Natural series. This completed my collection of all six ARIA undines.

Athena Glory 1/6 PVC by Toy’s Works (Toy’s Works 1/6 アテナ・グローリィ). Original sculptor しかなる(鹿鳴館). Released on August 2007 with an MSRP of ¥7,329.

Athena Glory

Athena Glory Athena Glory

Athena Glory

And here’s a little close up of the tiny Maa shachou.

Maa shachou Maa shachou

And here’s a 2D version of Athena Glory

Athena Glory illustration

2 comments to Aria Athena Glory

  • Christina

    Where are you finding these aria pvc figures?? Could you shoot me an e-mail?? I’ve been looking for them everywhere but can’t seem to find them online.

    • I’ve ordered my Aria PVC figures when they were being released. So that’s a few years ago now. I think if you can’t find it in your local shop, it will be difficult to find it on your average online shop. I saw at least two Aria PVC figure in my local figure shops just recently. The other way I can think of is from Yahoo Auction Japan through a deputy. But I don’t see any listing for Athena Glory for example right now. But if you look often, you might come across one.