Floral photography at home

The good thing about doing floral photography at home is that you can always move the flower to the position you wanted and that you have much better control of the lighting. The down side of course is that at home there’s not a lot of exotic flowers to shoot. But one does not needs to be exotic to be beautify.

The spring is here and this is the first blossom of the spring in the house — A African Violet.

African Violet

First blossom of a garden geranium flower shot at home. One can say there’s always beauty hidden in your home.


Both flower was shot using a single off camera flash to isolate the flower as well as to control the lighting beyond the flower to produce the black background. Just in case if you wonder what it would look like if I just shoot the flower normally? Well the shot below is identical to the one above except instead of a pointed light that I have controlled so that only the flower and the bud peeks through the darkness, everything is lit up. What a difference the lighting makes eh?


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