Hanami 2011

When to hanami (花見) or cherry blossom watching in the park today. It was a bad day for photographing. Got there in the middle of the day with terrible lighting. Then found out that all my battery died so I can’t use my external flash. I ended up having to use the 7D’s built in flash for the very first time.


This is probably one of the only tree that I was able to take a photo without a lot of people in the picture at the same time. Yes the lighting is still terrible at around 5pm and it was very windy, but at least this photo looked somewhat acceptable.

My Revoltech Danboard and Danboard Mini also went hanami with me. These photos below are the same shots as in the Danboard & Danboard Mini post.

I like this one below the best. I was able to use the grass land to cover up all the people and cars under the tree.

Okay this is one has nothing to do with cherry blossom, but it was taken in the same park.



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