Porsche Boxster

When I was a child, like many others, I had some small die-cast cars toys. While they are fun to throw around and play with, I never really paid too much attention to them. Back then it was just a yellow car, or a red truck that rolls around the floor. As I grew older, what these die-cast toys can be became more obvious: they can be a representation of a your dream car or rather dream cars. So everyone can have a tangible Ferrari or Lamborghini in their collection and everyone can have a dream garage filled with whatever their heart desires. For one reason or another, throughout all these years, I never bought my dream cars in their die-cast toy form. It seems that I actually prefer to have toys of the cars that I actually own no matter how lousy it is rather than a great fantasy garage. And so here’s my latest addition to my toy cars collection:

2008 Porsche Boxster S 1/18 scaled die-cast car by Welly. I searched for these (or any other Boxster die-cast toys) for a long time, it was hard to find these Boxster S (the 987 model) die-cast in red color. I was finally able to find some old stock at Kevin’s Hobbies. And best of all, I actually found two of them, one with the convertible top up, and another with the convertible top down. And here they are in their typical clear window box.

Here’s what it looks like out of the box. They came with a display base with a plaque for the car model. The car is secured on the display base via four screws from the bottom. Typical for these display bases for cars.

Let’s start with the one with the convertible top up first. Here’s what it looks like after I remove it off the display base. There’s no side windows but does have the rear window. The convertible top didn’t have any texture on it, so it looks more like a vinyl convertible top than the fabric convertible top which is what’s on the real Boxster.

The rear window definitely seems to be a bit bigger than what’s on the real car.

The front trunk and the rear trunk both opens. Inside is a pretty accurate representation of what the Boxster trunk looks like. Notice that the side turn signal is white and that there is a red triangle kit in the front trunk. So these are modeled after the European Boxster models. Here in North America, the side turn signal is orange, and there is no red triangle kit in the front trunk.

The underside has a pretty good representation of the engine and the exhaust system. The wheels are mounted on working spring suspension system, and the steering wheel actually turns the front wheel, although by the smallest degrees.

The door of the car also opens, allowing you to have a good look of the interior and to turn the steering wheel.

The interior is also pretty accurately modeled with the trim and everything. Yes it only has to factory radio in there instead of the optional Porsche Communication Management with the GPS navigation. Interestingly it is equipped with the Sports Chrono package since I see the center mounted analog stop watch. So trying to save on the luxury while keeping the performance options eh? πŸ˜€ Wait, this is a die-cast car, it doesn’t cost anything to have the PCM! πŸ‘Ώ

Now for the convertible top down model. It’s pretty much identical to the convertible top up model. The only difference is that the convertible top is now in the down position.

It does come with the optional wind deflector between the back roll bars. As any convertible owner will tell you, wind deflector is a must when doing top down driving.

The door opens as well. And since the convertible top is down, you can see the instrument panels better.

The light switch and the ignition switch on the left of the steering wheel are all modeled accurately.

Here’s a few more picture of the car from the front and from the back. Yes the Porsche logo on the front trunk lid and the Boxster S on the back trunk lid are all there.

And so how does it compare to my real car? Where let’s see. Here’s the die-cast toy Boxster S (987).

And here’s my real Boxster S (987.2) shot at a similar angle. Not too bad for something that’s only $25.

For those want their own Boxster S die-cast model, click here to visit Kevin’s Hobbies. At the time of writing this post, there’s still more in stock.


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  • Steven

    Hi. Found your site when I was looking for a model of my own Boxster. I’ve just ordered the one you talk about here. Thought you might be interested to know that Porsche themselves do a 1:43 scale model that is the exact replica of your car – a Gen 2 987 in red. It looks like it’s even got the same wheels on. Have a look at http://shop1.porsche.com/uk/modelcar/boxster/wap02000719/