LEGO Ultimate Collector Series R2-D2

I was at a LEGO store and saw this adorable R2-D2 in their window display, I just knew I had to have it. So without even knowing the price, I took it to the cashier. Five minutes later and $260 CAD poorer, I was on my way home with this adorable model.

The R2-D2 has 2127 pieces, and came in 10 numbered bags. Numbered bags makes the assembly much easier since you don’t have to hunt down all your parts from all the parts bags.

The next set of 10 photos shows you what you can achieve with each bag.

Bag 1 and 2 gives you most of the torso with the exception of the front pane.


Bag 3 completes the torso, and bag 4 adds the internal railing system for the retractable middle leg.

Bag 5 adds the support for the rotating head. And with bag 6, the leg structure is completed.

With bag 7, the foot for the legs as well as the retractable middle leg is completed. Bag 8 starts to build the head for R2-D2.

Bag 9 and 10 completed the head and all the small add-ons.

And here’s the finished product.

There’s a display plaque with a mini R2-D2 figure on the side.

Here’s the side and back. There are certainly a lot of details in this build.

There are a lot of playable features on the R2-D2. Like these panels that opens.

And there’s two front door that opens and using the knobs at the back, you can extend out the universal computer interface and the circular saw.

And using the level on the back of R2-D2, you can extend his third leg.

All in all, this was a very nice model and really cool to see R2-D2 made using LEGO. You can get your LEGO R2-D2 from your local LEGO stores or buy from LEGO store online here.

Here’s an official video of this wonderful model.


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