Chogokin VF-27 Gamma Lucifer Valkyrie

In anticipation of Macross Frontier movie, not only did Bandai re-released all of their Chogokin VF-25, they also released a new VF-27γ Lucifer Valkyrie. This fighter belongs to Brera Sterne, Ranka Lee’s older brother. And since I already own VF-25F Super Messiah Valkyrie Saotome Alto Custom, I want to make sure that the next Valkyrie that I own is a bit different form VF-25F. This VF-27γ is the perfect one for me. Ever since the Macross Frontier anime, its delta wing design has captured my attention (I always loved the delta wing designs in fighter jets). So now it’s releasing as a chogokin toy that’s fully transformable, I just had to have it. Luckily AmiAmi is doing 50% off shipping promotion right now and so EMS shipping from Japan seems really cheap even for a heavy item like this.

Bandai DX Chogokin VF-27γ Lucifer Valkyrie Brera Sterne Custom (バンダイ DX超合金 VF-27γ ルシファーバルキリー ブレラスターン機). Released on February 2010 with a MSRP of ¥16,800.

Here’s the box shot. Much smaller and simpler box when compared to the VF-25F Super Messiah Valkyrie Saotome Alto Custom.

And here’s what the box contains. The beam gunpod on the top, the fighter in the middle and a collection of hands and intake shield in the bottom corner.

Here’s the fighter right out of the box. The back exhaust has a bit more organic feeling to it than VF-25F.

Front and back view.

Top view. VF-27 is kind of a delta wing fighter. And I just love delta wing fighters.

The cockpit shield opens to reveal the two seat cockpit with the pilot and the passenger.

Looks like Brera Sterne and Ranka Lee.

The fighter has a gun holder built right in, and together with the a small arm inside the beam gunpod, you can attach the gunpod to the figther.

Transforming into gerwalk mode is pretty much similar to the Chogokin VF-25F. But the unit has more plastic joints than Chogokin VF-25F and some parts feels a little flimsy. One of the most obvious place is in the arms. The Chogokin VF-25F has metal joints in the arms while the VF-27γ has only plastic parts in the arms. The foot is another example. While both has metal joints and structures inside the legs, the foot of the VF-25F has more metal parts while VF-27γ is pretty much all plastic.

A look from the front.

A little close-up of the unit in gerwalk mode. The shoulder joint is a bit different from the VF-25F and the arm is a bit different. The VF-27γ’s arm is a bit more flexible than VF-52F, but being made entirely of plastic, it does feel flimsy.

Transforming into battroid is again very similar to that of the Chogokin VF-25F. Unlike the VF-25F that retracts the wings, the VF-27γ’s wings folds up in 3 sections on the back. There are two small separate intake shield you put right over the fighter’s engine intake.

That beam gunpod is indeed big, standing taller than the unit itself. There is also a combat knife hidden in the shield.

A better look at that hidden combat knife hidden in the shield.

The beam gunpod can be hold the way it is, or it splits in the middle for the big blast. Just like the VF-25F the battroid is not that posable probably because it is sacrificed as part of making it fully transformable.

Another look at the size of that gunpod. 😈

Here’s a comparison between VF-25F and VF-27γ. The two are pretty much identical in size but the VF-27γ has obviously a much bigger gun.

Alto: Ranka will come with me.

Brera: No, Ranka will come with me!

Alto: Ranka comes with me because I’m the better pilot.

Brera: Obviously I’m the better pilot since I’m the one who saves Ranka all the time.

Brera: You take that.

Alto: You take that!

Brera: Enough of this fist fight, let’s see you beat this!

Alto: …

In the end, as we all know, Ranka went with Brera in his VF-27γ. And this little fight never made it on Macross Frontier. 😉

So here it is the VF25-F and the VF-27γ. Personally I like the Chogokin VF-25F a bit more both for the Super Pack, the stand, and the more sturdy metal joints. But I just had to have the VF-27γ because of its delta wing design.

If you are interested in getting your Chogokin VF-25 Gamma Lucifer Valkyrie, at the time of writing, it is still available from AmiAmi and Hobby Search.

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  • Jason

    Great pictures! I was thinking if I should buy VF-27, I think I am sold.

    I am planning to learn shooting toys myself, I uses a camera d40x. I was wondering if you have any suggestion for lens to use for shooting toys?

    • As for lens suggestion I think most people will suggest you to have a 100mm F2.8 macro or in Nikon’s case a 105mm F2.8 macro for figure works. Now it is probably true if you want to shoot zoomed in shot that fill the frame, you will need a 100mm macro because the figures are typically small. However personally I’d rather shot it with enough resolution and leave some blanks in the frame so that I can crop it out later. I feel that today’s camera has captured way more pixels than I need and it’s easier for me to leave enough blanks so that I can crop them anyway I want. And so, I shoot over 95% of my figure shots using a Sigma 24-70 F2.8. Now obviously that Sigma needs to have a reasonably short minimum focus distance so that you can shoot it really close and I personally shot right around the minimum focus distance all the time. But that’s what I prefer to use rather than a 100mm macro. So 100mm (or 105mm in Nikon’s case) F2.8 or a 24-70 F2.8 it would be a personal choice to most but I think either will work out just fine.