Rin with Homurabara Academy uniform set

Homurabara Academy (穂群原学園) is the school that Tohsaka Rin attends. The Homurabara Academ uniform set is a dress set that was released together with dollfie dream Tohsaka Rin. Volks’ official web page (in Japanese) has more information on the dress set. After I got dollfie Rin from Yahoo Japan Auction, I won this uniform set on Volks USA web lottery.

The blouse only with the ribbon has a nice clean look for Rin.

Blouse Blouse close up

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Dollfie dream Tohsaka Rin

Today I’ll introduce my 3rd doll: Type-Moon Fate / hollow ataraxia dollfie dream Tohsaka Rin (遠坂凛). Rin is a limited item released on Dolpa 21, which was held on May 5th 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. She has an MSRP of ¥48,000, I have to get her through a proxy from Yahoo Auction Japan so the actual cost is considerably higher. But since I’ve already got dollfie Saber, naturally I have to get Rin to keep Saber company. She comes with 22mm animetic eyes, original head and original wig. She has a dollfie dream base body II with normal skin color and a medium bust. Volks’ official web page (in Japanese) for DD Tohsaka Rin has more information. It arrived from Japan on June 5th, 2009.

Here’s Rin in her box.


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Fate/stay night Saber & Rin

A pair of Fate/stay night figure Saber and Rin arrived together. They are both made by Clayz and release on the same date.

Clayz 1/6 Tohsaka Rin (クレイズ 1/6 遠坂 凛). Original sculptor 宮川武 (T’s System). Released on July 2005 with a MSRP of ¥6,720.

Tohsaka Rin Tohsaka Rin

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