Saber plain clothes set

Saber’s plain clothes set (イバーのお出かけセット) was one of the first cloth set released by Volks for dollfie Saber. Here’s Volks’ official web page (in Japanese) for the dress set. Since it was so old, it took a long time before it was spotted on the auction and finally I was able to get my hand on it. I finally own all of the Volks’ original dress set that was released for dollfie Saber. Looking at the photos, all the efforts are worth it. Saber is just super kawaii in this dress.

This is an old clothing set from Volks so the quality cannot be compared with the later sets. The fit was not spot on and they did not line the dark fabrics. But I have Saber in a body stocking all the time to protect her from the stains anyway so it should be fine.

CRW_4546 CRW_4539

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Dollfie dream Tohsaka Rin

Today I’ll introduce my 3rd doll: Type-Moon Fate / hollow ataraxia dollfie dream Tohsaka Rin (遠坂凛). Rin is a limited item released on Dolpa 21, which was held on May 5th 2009 in Tokyo, Japan. She has an MSRP of ¥48,000, I have to get her through a proxy from Yahoo Auction Japan so the actual cost is considerably higher. But since I’ve already got dollfie Saber, naturally I have to get Rin to keep Saber company. She comes with 22mm animetic eyes, original head and original wig. She has a dollfie dream base body II with normal skin color and a medium bust. Volks’ official web page (in Japanese) for DD Tohsaka Rin has more information. It arrived from Japan on June 5th, 2009.

Here’s Rin in her box.


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Saber casual clothes

Got a bunch of different casual clothing for 60cm dolls made by AZone International. Trying out a few combinations with Saber as the model.

AZone’s hot pants, necktie, Volks’ shirt, long sock and shoes.

Saber in casual clothes Saber in casual clothes

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Gothloli Saber

I bought this real princess onepiece made by AZone International a while back. However I was really disappointed at the coloir. The color was a very dark red and personally I always like the vibrant bright red better. I soaked the dress in vinegar to get rid of some of the lose dyes. But it stained the white frill really bad. I a half mad mood, I through the dress in some undiluted liquid bleach. Surprisingly, the bleach actually bleached the dark pigment away and left me with a much brighter red color. Well I’m glad it worked out because otherwise I won’t have these pictures.

So here it is. Saber with the slightly “modified” AZone International’s real princess onepiece, Volks’ long socks and AZone International’s heart buckle strap shoes.

Gothloli Saber

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Saber private clothes

Saber private clothes (セイイバーの私服&ぬいぐるみセット) is the 3rd dress set released by Volks for dollfie Saber. It was released on Dolpa 20 which was held on December 7, 2008. More information on Volks’ office web page (in Japanese). This dress set comes with a stuffed lion which Saber adores very much.

CRW_4112 CRW_4105

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