Volks Dollfie Dream Saber Lily Unboxing (Round Two)

It looks like I’m really late in posting unboxing of Volks Fate/unlimited codes Dollfie Dream Saber Lily. I actually received Saber Lily from Volks Japan on January 4th. The reason behind the delay and the reason why this is a unboxing round two is that the wig that was shipped with Saber Lily was broken as soon as I put the wig on her. More on that later, now onto the unboxing. Volks Dollfie Dream Saber Lily from Fate/unlimited code is a Dolpa 24 limited item. Dolpa 24 was held on December 12, 2010 at Tokyo Big Site. The MSRP for Saber Lily is ¥95,000 which is the same price as Dollfie Dream Saber which was released back in 2008. You can get more information on Saber Lily from Volks’ official web page.

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Christmas Present — Saber Lily

I have Volks’ Dollfie Dream Saber Lily banner on the side of my web site for some times now. Personally I like the original Dollfie Dream Saber’s head more, but none the less I still wanted to get Saber Lily because I really like the clothing and the accessories that comes with the doll. However, Saber Lily is a Dolpa 24 limited item, so I can’t just order it from Volks’ web site. I’ve looked at the Yahoo Japan Auction listing right after Dolpa 24, and the prices is around 200,000 JPY. With Saber Lily’s MSRP being 99,750 JPY, I wanted to see if I can obtain her without paying such a high premium. Today is my lucky day because Santa Clause has delivered to me one of the greatest Christmas present. I’ve won Saber Lily and the accessory Distant Avalon. Now begins the long wait until I can get her home. And of course once I do, there will be plenty of photos.

For now I’ll just have to look at these official photos from Volks.


A Merry Paper Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, did you have your trees all setup and decorated? Are gifts all purchased and wrapped sitting under the tree? I decided to take a totally different approach to Christmas decorations this season. It all started when I saw Canon posted a lot of Christmas related paper craft on their Canon Create Park web site. This is a very nice section of Canon’s web site that was originally in Japanese since it was part of Canon Japan’s web page, but later got the respective English version. On the site, it offers a lot of art and craft project using paper. Of course Canon uses it to promote their line of ink-jet printers. But unlike some other company (Are you listening Epson?) that only allow you to print the paper craft off their web control so that you can only enjoy them if you own their lines of printers, Canon simply posts their templates as PDF files. So you can print them on any printer that you have. Kudos Canon. Incidentally I have recently switched to Canon for my needs of wide format ink-jet printer after nearly 10 years and a handful of printers with Epson. What Epson Japan does on their paper craft site certainly doesn’t help them sell printers.

Back to the Christmas decorations, so with all that paper craft from Canon at my finger tips, I decided to make a full Christmas decoration using nothing but paper. First you need a tree of course. So I started with Canon’s Christmas Tree Basic paper craft.

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Dollfie Dream Wigs From Miruya

One of the problem I found with Volks is that their Wigs doesn’t always have a lot of colours available. While Volks tends to have more wigs of natural hair colours, and natural hair styles, Dollfie Dream characters are mostly anime or anime styled characters. Therefore I always wanted to get some wigs that has more anime character feel to it. Here’s where Miruya comes in. Miruya makes an assortment of wigs for different dollfie sizes and has a wide range of colours and styles compared to typical Volks offerings. The wigs uses heat resistant fibers so that you should be able to style it with an iron (up to 180℃) without damaging it. And best of all their wigs are available in a wide range of colors for every single style. And since I was thinking about expanding my wigs collection, I figured that I’d give them a try.

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Gym uniform

I’ve purchased a set of gum uniform a while ago from Volks USA. It is the Autumn Athletics Festival Set. And since it is autumn right now, what better time to show off my girl in bloomers.

Just who is the model here? Can you tell by this silhouette? Click past the break to find out.

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