Wildlife at Tommy Thompson Park

Tommy Thompson Park, also know as Leslie Street Split is located on a man-made peninsula that extends five kilometres into Lake Ontario at the end of the Leslie Street. The park hosts a abundance of wild life and is important nesting ground for Black-crowned Night Heron, Double-crested Cormorant, and Common Terns.

Saw this little wild hare as I started my little hiking.


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Bird photography at the park

Visited two parks today for some bird photography, one is Scarborough Bluffs and the other is Rouge Beach park.

Common Grackle.

Common Grackle Common Grackle

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Snails and ants in the garden

Did a few macro shot of a snail and some ants in the back yard.

Found this little snail in our back yard.


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Orchid show at Chinese Cultural Centre

Attended an orchid show at the Chinese Culture Centre. I was hoping I can take a lot of photographs but in the end it was disappointing. Didn’t take too may photos because the way they are displayed, they are all bunched tightly together making isolation of the flower very hard. And they all displayed too close to the wall making it really hard to produce a nice black background. So in the end I only have a couple of shot to show for.


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Floral photography at home

The good thing about doing floral photography at home is that you can always move the flower to the position you wanted and that you have much better control of the lighting. The down side of course is that at home there’s not a lot of exotic flowers to shoot. But one does not needs to be exotic to be beautify.

The spring is here and this is the first blossom of the spring in the house — A African Violet.

African Violet

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