Alter Saber Alter Maid

I’ve purchased Alter’s Saber Maid PVC a little over two years ago. A little over one year ago, I’ve purchased a Dollfie Dream Saber and the Dollfie Dream Saber Maid costume. Give the fact that I own a number of PVCs, nendoroids, as well as a Dollfie Dream Saber, and that I also own Saber Maid in both PVC and as a dollfie dream costume, you can conclude that I’m definitely a fan of Saber maid. And when I see that Alter will be releasing a PVC of Saber Alter in maid costume, I just had to have it.

Saber Alter Maid 1/6 PVC by Alter (アルター セイバーオルタ メイド Ver.). Original sculptor 倉本 育馬. Released on May 2010 with an MSRP of ¥8,000. (Yes it is from the same sculptor and same manufacture as the original Saber Maid PVC but now a little cheaper.)

The box shots front and back. The box is very nice, black box with only silhouette of Saber showing through the matte black color. So fitting for Saber alter.

This particular Saber Alter figure is Hobby Japan exclusive. You can only order it through Hobby Japan online shop. And since Hobby Japan doesn’t ship outside of Japan a package forwarding service (in my case Tenso) is used so that I can have an address in Japan for Hobby Japan to ship to and upon delivery the package will be forwarded to me in North America. I placed the order in September 2009 and it is finally released this year in May 2010.

Here’s Saber straight out of the box.

A nice view from the back and a glance from the top to show you how Saber is posed on her base.

Some close-ups. The mop and the bucket are very nicely detailed and painted very well. The bucket actually can swing a bit in her hand.

Here’s a close-up of Saber. The details on her maid dress is great.

And I love her eyes, that glance is so sexy. In fact I love this figure a lot more than the original Saber Maid PVC.

A nice close-up from behind.

Here’s the mini Saber that came with the figure. She came with her own base matching that of Saber alter. And of course mini Saber is busy mopping too.

To give you a sense how big mini Saber is, here is mini Saber right beside the Saber Lion nendoroid.

Here’s what Saber Alter and mini Saber looks like together. Mini Saber is so cute don’t you think?

A close up of mini Saber doing some serious mopping.

To be honest, I actually didn’t think Saber Alter will turn out so well. But I ordered it any way just for the mini Saber. But it turned out to be a great figure, way better than my expectations.

Here’s Saber Alter together with the original Saber Maid 1/6 PVC.

Saber Alter Maid

So which one do you like better? Original Saber Maid? This new Saber Alter Maid? Or maybe even the Dollfie Dream Saber Maid?

Which one is the best Saber Maid?

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