Zoo animal photo clean up

Just a clean up of a bunch of animals that I have taken at the zoo for the past 6 months or so but never got posted.

This was taken on March 2003. The snow is still covering the ground. Chipmunks are search for food. I guess I startled him a bit as he soon runs away after I got the shot on the right.

Chipmunk Chipmunk

This may look like a fox, it is actually Dhole or more commonly named Asian Wild Dog. If I remember correctly, this one has an unusual eye disease that cause it to glow green. He surely would have dies in the wild. Zoo life is the only way that he could have survived this long.

 Asian Wild Dog

As I was trying to stick my lens through the metal wires for a better shot, he spotted my violation if his territory. As rules of engagement, he fires his warning shots by showing me how threatening he really is. Of course, seeing the show of such power, I had to retreat back to where I belong.

Asian Wild Dog

Snow Leopard (Uncia uncia) use to roam the high mountainous area of China, but now there are less the 10,000 left in the entire world. They are now enlisted as an endangered specie. Snow leopard is actually one of the big cats that purr instead of roars. Judging from this shot on the right, they might be big on the outside, but indeed still a kitten at heart.

Snow Leopard Snow Leopard

Snow Leopard

A couple of shot of the Siberian Tiger.

Siberian Tiger

Look at those teeth.

Siberian Tiger

Now this photo of then Sumatran Tiger was taken in the spring. Here Brytne is enjoying the nice warm spring weather. I heard that small Sumatran tiger cubs are coming soon from this breeding pair. Can’t wait to see them.

Sumatran Tiger

African lion in the zoo phtographed in July 2003.

Lion Lion

I don’t usually take photo of the gorillas in the zoo because their enclosure was not so photography friendly. But I did manage to take a shot of the silverback gorilla Charlie.



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